2024 Candidates

2024 Republican Candidates

Below, you can find contact information for Republican Candidates running to represent Wheeling Township districts and precincts in Wheeling Township, Illinois, in 2024.  This will help you make an informed choice about the people and platforms for which you would like to cast your votes. 

ROWT has endorsed all candidates who did not have a primary challenger at this point.  We will distribute sample ballots closer to the 2024 election date.

To determine your district, visit our Voter Maps page.  For a more information on list of current elected officials, visit our Elected Officials page.  Additional information on voting can be found on our Voter Info pages.


President and Vice President of the United States

President of the United States

Donald Trump picture

Vice President of the United States


J.D. Vance headshot

U.S. Congress

District Map
Wheeling Township Congressional District Summary

U.S. Representative, 5th District

Tommy Hanson Photo

U.S. Representative, 9th District

Seth Cohen Photo

U.S. Representative, 10th District

Jim Carris Photo


Illinois House of Representatives

Illinois House
District Map

Wheeling Township IL House District Summary

State Representative, 53rd District

  • Republican Candidate: Ron Andermann (R) | Website
  • Incumbent State Representative: Nicolle Grasse (D) [formerly Mark Walker (D)]
Ron Andermann photo

State Representative, 54th District

Michelle Hunter photo

State Representative, 57th District

  • Republican Candidate: Dr. Daniel Behr (R) | Website
  • Incumbent State Representative: Tracy Katz Muhl (D)
Dr. Daniel Behr photo

State Representative, 59th District

  • Republican Candidate: Chris Henning (R) | Website
  • Incumbent State Representative: Daniel Didech (D)
Chris Henning photo


Cook County

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners, Full 6-Year Term

  • Republican Candidates.  Vote for not more than Three:
    • Claire Connelly (R) | Website
    • Richard F. Dale (R)
    • Brendan Ehlers (R)
Claire Connelly photo Claire Connelly Richard F. Dale photo Richard F. Dale

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioners, Unexpired 2-Year Term

R. Cary Caparelli photo

County Clerk, Unexpired 2-Year Term

  • Republican Candidate: Michelle Pennington (R)

Clerk of the Circuit Court

  • Republican Candidate: Lupe Aguirre (R)
  • Incumbent: Iris Martinez (D)
Lupe Aguirre headshot

State's Attorney

Bob Fioretti photo


Supreme Court

No Republican candidate

Appellate Court

No Republican candidates

Circuit Court

Judicial Subcircuit
District Map

Wheeling Township IL Judicial Subcircuit Summary

Judicial Subcircuit District 12 (Dickler vacancy)

Maria McCarthy photo

Judicial Subcircuit District 12 (Quinn vacancy)

Pamela Curran Smith photo

Judicial Subcircuit District 12 (Schleifer vacancy)

  •  Republican Candidate: Matthew Taylor (R) | Facebook

Matthew Taylor photo

Judicial Subcircuit District 18 (Linn vacancy)

Lynn Terese Palac photo

For additional voter information, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections.