2024 Primary Election

2024 Primary Election Banner

Make your voice heard in this year's Presidential primary election when you get to express your preference for the Republican Presidential Candidate as well as several Republican State and Local candidates.

1. Register To Vote / Check Your Registration

To learn how to register to vote - including permanent vote by mail - visit our Register to Vote page. 

If you are already registered, now is a good time to check your registration to ensure all of your information is up to date.

2. Learn About Your Candidates

To learn which candidates are running for election and what offices are on the ballot, visit the Illinois State Board of Elections - Offices Up for Election page.  ROWT will help you learn more about Republican candidates as the Primary Election draws near.

3. Determine Where To Vote

If you plan to vote in person, locate your polling place on the Illinois State Board of Elections - Polling Place Lookup page. 

You can also have your ballot come to you by registering for permanent vote by mail.  More info can be found on our Register to Vote - Permanent vote by mail page.

3. Vote!

Help turn Illinois RED by casting your vote on Tuesday, March 19, 2024!