Republicans of Wheeling Township Attend the Illinois Republican Convention

2024 IL Republican Convention
Memorial Day weekend the Illinois Republican Party will be holding its convention in Collinsville, IL. Delegates from County and Township organizations will be in attendance. The number of delegates is determined by the individual organization’s performance during the last Primary Election. Wheeling Township will have one of the largest delegations and perhaps the largest Township delegation with 11 Delegates and 11 Alternates.

During the convention delegates will determine the following:

  • Agree on a State Platform
  • Determine who the Electoral College representatives will be
  • Determine the State Committeewoman and Committeeman who will represent the State in the Republican National Committee
  • Participate in numerous committees
  • Decide other issues as they arise

Whatever happens ROWT will be in the middle of the game. If you would like to participate contact Kathy Penner ASAP.

(847) 632-1774
[email protected]