Sen. Ernst on young voters: 'The first thing you have to do is communicate to them'

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst
U.S. Senator Joni Ernst |

By North Cook News
Oct 12, 2023

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa, the Keynote Speaker at the Northwest Suburban Republican Lincoln Day Dinner held on September 7, 2023, urged Republicans to talk to young voters as they may not know whether they are a Republican or Democrat. Senator Ernst emphasized the importance of communication and targeting younger voters in order to spread the Republican message.

During an exclusive interview with John Picchiotti, a member of the Republicans of Wheeling Township (ROWT), Senator Ernst highlighted the need for Republicans to engage with young voters. She stated, "The first thing you have to do is communicate to them. If we are not talking to young voters, how do they know if they are a Democrat or Republican? That’s one thing that Democrats are really good at and Republicans need to step up and target those younger voters. Get our message out to them. That’s the very first thing we need to do."

Senator Ernst, a Republican who has served as the United States Senator for Iowa since 2015, drew attention to the Democrats' success in reaching out to young voters and urged Republicans to follow suit. She believes that by communicating with younger voters and sharing the Republican vision, the party can make significant strides in attracting their support.

Furthermore, Senator Ernst discussed the impact of her military career on her leadership style, describing her service as "an absolute privilege" and "the greatest opportunity of my life." She highlighted the importance of understanding the concerns of suburban women, who play a crucial role in elections. Ernst emphasized the need to listen to their perspectives and work together to find conservative solutions, rather than simply talking at them.

Recent voting patterns among young voters and suburban women indicate a significant lean towards Democratic candidates. According to a July 2023 analysis conducted by the Pew Research Center, nearly 7 in 10 voters under the age of 30 supported Democratic candidates in 2022. Among suburban voters, 50% supported Democratic candidates for the House in 2022, while 48% supported Republicans. However, the divide between parties narrowed among women voters, with 51% supporting Democratic candidates and 48% voting for Republicans in 2022.

As Republicans seek to regain support among young voters and suburban women, Senator Ernst's call to communicate and engage with these groups may prove crucial in shaping the party's future.